The pleasure of taking a bath,
all year round,
in pure thermal hot water
in pools carved in the midst of nature,
along a stream,
finds its splendour
because it's architecture is precise and clean,
and specially if it rains, snows
or at dawn,
its a cure for the body and soul.

Taking the waters al Termas Geométricas
is a real experience in the wilderness,
and implies unpredictable risks of nature
that every visitor must fully assume
for his safety and his family's.

We take care of the natural environment,
as well as of the pool hygiene
with great dedication.

That's why we have designed special places,
to have a drink and eat light and healthy meals,
away front the water were we bath,
for not to contaminate it's purity.
(if we can't stay away from a cigarrette,
you can find some ashtrays at the Quincho)

There are warmer pools where children
can spread their energy;
like un every natural place,
adults must make theirselves responsible
of their surveilance and that they won't leave
the thermal autorized space.

We can lend towels
for their use in Termas Geométricas
Hot Springs Complex;
If you would like them as a souvenir,
you can buy them at the Quincho.
We also support the not-programmed temptation
of taking a bath at the Termas,
that's why we also sell bathing suits at cost-price.

Coñaripe, Diciembre 2003.